Apex EL Controller System

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Apex EL Controller System

The most successful aquariums are those where the owner has the most understanding of what is going in their little world-in-a-glass-box.  However, the real key to enjoying this hobby is to do that without making it a full time job!

Owning the Apex is the best way to get you back to focusing on the things you love like your fish and coral, and less about temperature issues, pH levels, light timers, dosing tanks, vacation plans, etc.

The most important aspect of having an Apex though is the disaster prevention it provides. The Apex will notify you when things go bad, giving you time to take action and prevent an aquarium catastrophe.

Of course you also unlock the door to more advanced things such as LED dimming, variable pump control, auto top-off, calcium reactor control, ozone control, auto dosing of elements, auto-feeding your fish, and much more!

Monitor and Control

  • Temperature
  • pH
  • Outlets
  • 24VDC accessories
  • WAV pumps
  • Individual outlet power consumption

What's Included?

  • 1x Apex EL Base Unit
  • 1x EnergyBar 832
  • 1x Temperature Probe
  • 1x Double Junction pH Probe
  • 1x 6ft AquaBus Cable
  • 1x 7.0pH Calibration Solution Packet
  • 1x 10.0pH Calibration Solution Packet