Light Red Micromussa

$39.99 CAD

Micromussa lordhowensis

Micromussa lordhowensis are an easy to keep LPS coral that can be adapted to most conditions. However, In our experience they tend to do best in low light and low flow.

This Australian species will do well in dirty water however it can be kept in a cleaner system as long as it is being fed at least once a week.

When these animals are adapted to captivity they become puffy and will show feeder tentacles throughout the day.

If you see a one with polyps that are tight to it’s skeleton, it’s an indication of one or more of the following:
It’s a recent import from the ocean.
It’s unhappy with the light it’s receiving.
The level of phosphates in the water is too high.
One of the fish in your system is a corallivore.

This animal is very forgiving of mistakes in husbandry and is one we recommend for new reef keepers.

 Difficulty  Medium
 Lighting  Low-Medium
 Water Flow  Medium
 Temperament  Aggressive
 Placement  Low-Mid