Live Triggers

$24.95 CAD

Live Copepods

Trigger Pods are large red copepods, Tigriopus californicus. They are a perfect live food source for finicky fish including mandarins and gobies, though all of your fish love them. These pods are cultured specifically with our own live phytoplankton to give them the most nutrient dense food available. They prefer making homes in your rock work and macroalgae and can benefit greatly from dosing live phytoplankton to your tank on a daily basis.  Our packages contain every stage of life of these pods, from the miniscule eggs that you need a microscope to see all the way up to the late stage adults.

Females will breed rapidly producing hundreds of eggs in their lifetime.

Use our packages to seed your refugium or add directly to your display to feed your fish.

For best results, packages should be used within a week of purchase, however they can last for 4 weeks before noticeable die off when stored in the fridge with the cap loosened.