Water Chemistry Dosing Bundle

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Water Chemistry Dosing Bundle

This bundle is the daily dose that we use at New Dawn Aquaculture in our coral farm every day.

It includes a 2 part system, Reef Code. Reef Code A is a balanced Calcium, Magnesium, and Strontium supplement, Reef Code A handles the dosing of all of our Major Elements. The other half of this 2 part system is Reef Code B, Reef Code B is the pH buffer that we use to maintain stable Alkalinity.

Replenish is what we use to dose the trace elements back to our tanks that our corals consume while growing.

And finally, this bundle includes Lugol's, Lugol's is the Iodine Supplement that we use in our farm to ensure our tanks always have strong coralline algae growth. It's also consumed by corals as they grow.

The dosing of all of these products should be done in accordance with proper testing of your water chemistry to ensure that you are dosing the correct amount. The goal with dosing these products is to maintain the stability of these major and minor elements in your aquarium


What's Included

  • Reef Code A - 500 ml
  • Reef Code B - 500 ml
  • Replenish - 250 ml
  • Lugol's - 30 ml