Court Jester Goby

$59.99 CAD

Koumansetta rainfordi

The Court Jester Goby, also referred to as the Rainford's Goby gets its name from its brightly coloured body. The body is green and blue with horizontal orange stripes running the entire length of the body. The Court Jester Goby is very timid and peaceful and is a great addition to the reef or fish-only aquarium.

They do well singly in a smaller tank or in small groups in larger aquariums. Court jester gobies also help out with cleaning up pesky hair algae in aquariums being their normal diet in the wild. It is rarely aggressive towards other species.

It is possible for the Court Jester Goby to spawn successfully in an aquarium.

The diet should consist of filamentous algae, small crustaceans, such as live and frozen brine shrimp, mysis shrimp.


 1mm PE Pellets
 Minimum Tank Size  10 Gallons
 Fully Grown Size  3 Inches
 Temperament  Peaceful