New Dawn Aquaculture is a Canadian based company. Due to logistical challenges with international shipping of live animals and the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) status of many of these animals we only ship within Canada.

Free Shipping Rates:

At these price points you won't be charged the shipping fee!

  Livestock Free Shipping Dry Goods Free Shipping
AB, BC, SK, MB, ON, QC $350 $150
NL, PE, NS, NB $550 $150

Combined Orders

Yes, you can order both Livestock and Dry Goods together, The value of both Livestock and Dry Goods can go towards each others free shipping rate.

When ordering both Livestock and Dry Goods together this is how your shipping fee is calculated:

  Shipping Fee
Order value < Dry Goods free shipping Dry Goods shipping fee + Livestock shipping fee
Dry Goods free shipping < order value < Livestock free shipping Livestock shipping fee
Livestock free shipping < order value Free Shipping!

How Much Is Shipping?

Shipping is calculated at checkout and is based on the shipping address and the weight of the order. Delivery of livestock is available Tuesday-Friday to most locations.

Depending on the size and weight of items ordered Livestock and Dry Goods may be shipped seperatly.

Orders ship out the next possible overnight shipping day. This means we will not ship livestock if the following day is a holiday. If you would like to schedule delivery for a specific day, please contact us at

You will receive a tracking number for your order the day it is being shipped out.

Shipping to Atlantic provinces?

For shipping to Atlantic provinces our only option is to use air cargo to ship livestock to your nearest Airport for pickup. This service isn't available at all airports. We charge a flat rate of $119.99 for air cargo, and offer free shipping on orders over $550.

Dry good rates remain unaffected.

I Can't Be Home To Receive Livestock?

We can ship your order to any FedEx Authorized ShipCenter for pickup. Often this option can be faster than shipping right to your house. 

If you want your box shipped to a FedEx Authorized ShipCenter for pickup, place your order as usual and contact us at to let us know. We will arrange to have the box sent to the nearest location to your address.

Will Overnight Delivery Be Available To My Location?

Although not common, occasionally FedEx will not offer overnight deliver to certain locations. This tends to be the case with smaller towns that aren't that close to a major city.

If this is the case usually the only option is to drive to the nearest FedEx Authorized ShipCenter for pickup. We understand that this is not ideal, and are constantly looking at different shipping options to get our animals to all of our customers regardless of their location.

This only applies to livestock, Dry goods can be shipped anywhere in Canada.

How Are The Animals Shipped?

Your order will be carefully and securely hand packed in sealed oxygen filled bags. The bags are then placed into a Styrofoam cooler with heat or ice packs depending on the weather conditions.