Green Duncan

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Duncanopsammia axifuga

Duncan corals, scientifically known as Duncanopsammia axifuga or Whisker Coral, are a popular and visually striking addition to reef aquariums. They belong to the family Dendrophylliidae and are native to the waters of the Indo-Pacific region. Duncan corals are named after their long, flowing tentacles that resemble the whiskers of a cat, creating a captivating and elegant appearance.

These corals have a sturdy skeletal structure with distinct polyps that extend during the day to capture plankton and other small organisms for feeding. The colourful tentacles, which may come in shades of green, brown, purple, and fluorescent hues, create a visually striking display, making Duncan corals a delightful centrepiece in any reef tank.

 Difficulty  Easy
 Lighting  Low-Medium
 Water Flow  Medium
 Temperament  Aggressive
 Placement  Low-Mid