Magicians Zoanthids

$29.99 CAD

Zoanthus sp.

Zoanthid frags come with at least 3 polyps.

Polyps of the genus Zoanthus also known as Zoanthids are one of the most popular corals in the saltwater aquarium hobby. They come in a dazzling array of colour combinations and can easily be one of the brightest corals in your tank. Their popularity is due both to their vibrant colours and the ability to mix these polyps together in a zoanthid garden. 

These zoa gardens cover rocks with a collection of different colour morphs all growing together and contrasting each other. A mature and grown in a zoanthid garden is truly one of the most striking pieces of living art you could have in an aquarium. 

These corals are easy to keep and grow quickly. They have the potential to take over a large portion of the reef and can be aggressive towards other corals. We recommend isolating them to their own rock island to help contain them within your aquarium.

 Difficulty  Low
 Lighting  Medium
 Water Flow  Medium
 Temperament  Semi-Aggressive
 Placement  Low-High