Montipora Undata


New Dawn Aquaculture

Montipora undata

Montipora undata are a thick plating and encrusting species of Montipora. This coral usually needs to encrust a solid base on the rockwork before it starts to plate, The strain of Montipora Undata we grow at New Dawn Aquaculture has purplish gray skin with baby blue polyps. Undata are a fast growing, encrusting, and plating coral that will eventually form a large spiral vase shading the area below it. 

While there are many plating species of montipora such as M. foliosa, M. friabilis, M. delicatula, etc… Most are called M. capricornis by hobbyists due to the challenges in proper identification. These corals often form large colonies quickly in an sps aquarium due to their fast growth rates. We recommend you give them plenty of space as they will be aggressive towards their neighbours. 

 Difficulty  Easy
 Lighting  Medium-High
 Water Flow  High
 Temperament  Aggressive
 Placement  Mid-High