Orange Psammocora

$39.99 CAD

Psammocora sp.

Psammocora is an easy to keep SPS coral, requiring moderate to strong aquarium water movement and lighting conditions. It is important to leave ample space between Psammocora and neighboring corals. Psammocora can Grow in an encrusting or branching growth formation.

While much more forgiving of alkalinity swings than other SPS corals like Acropora and Montipora. One should aim to keep alkalinity stable as it will increase both the growth and colouration of Psammocora.

As with all SPS corals our recommendation is to focus on keeping Alkalinity stable. Many people struggle to keep healthy SPS as they aren’t paying enough attention to their alkalinity, or they are trying to hit a specific dKH. We are less focused on the dKH of the water and more interested in making sure that it hasn’t changed since yesterday. When trying to lower or raise the dKH of our systems we always aim to do it as slowly as possible.

 Difficulty  Easy
 Lighting  Medium
 Water Flow  Medium
 Temperament  Aggressive
 Placement  Low - Medium