Orange Skunk Clownfish

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Amphiprion sandaracinos

The Orange Skunk Clownfish is one of several species in the Skunk Complex. The Orange Skunk has a mid-dorsal white stripe, and no other head or body stripes. It is easily distinguished from the Pink Skunk Clownfish (A.perideraion) that has stripes on the side of the head, and a loosely related species A. akallopisos that has a white tail. The tail on A. sandaracinos is orange.

A. sandaracinos makes an ideal reef tank fish because it does not grow large, it is not aggressive, and pairs easily. They are hardy in aquariums but tend to be bothered by aggressive tank mates. These clownfish are highly sought by aquarists because of their unique yellow-orange colour, broad white dorsal stripe, and relative rarity in the trade.

The Orange Skunk ranges from the Eastern Indian Ocean and Western Australia to the Philippines and Melanesia.

Skunk Clownfish will spawn about every 10 days, the eggs hatch in about 7-9 days and the larval period is 8-10 days. The average nest size is 300 eggs.


 1mm PE Pellets
 Minimum Tank Size  30 Gallons
 Fully Grown Size  5 Inches
 Temperament  Semi-aggressive