Pink Cadillac Acropora


New Dawn Aquaculture

Acropora divaricata

Pink Cadillac is a classic strain of Acropora divaricata that has been aquacultured for a number of years now. These corals are most well known for their dark purple polyps that contrast the otherwise bright coral. The branches of a Pink Cadillac have a golden tips that fade to bright pink. As the colony grows you'll start to see it fade again to a light green colour further down the branches and it will develop a green interior. A fully grown colony of Pink Cadillac is truly stunning and looks just as remarkable in both blue and white light spectrums.

Pink Cadillac is one of our faster growing and easier to keep Acroporas, while it's not an Acropora we would recommend for someone completely new to keeping SPS corals, it is a good next step for the hobbyist who has been having success with some beginner SPS corals and is wanting to try keeping a higher end strain.

 Difficulty  Medium
 Lighting  Medium-High
 Water Flow  High
 Temperament  Aggressive
 Placement  Mid-High