Pink Frogspawn

$79.99 CAD

Fimbriaphyllia paradivisa

Corals of the Genus Fimbriaphyllia recently reclassified from Euphyllia are easy to keep LPS corals. They are popular due to the movement their polyps provide in a reef tank and the different tentacle shapes and colours that can be kept adjacent to each other in what is known to the hobby as a Euphyllia Garden.

While these corals are known for having a potent sting that nearby corals should be wary of, they tend to be perfectly fine touching other members of the same Genus. This explains why the Torch corals, Euphyllia glabrescens don't do well in these gardens as they aren't as closely related as previously thought. We also see regional differences between these corals, Australian Fimbriaphyllia, and Indonesian Fimbriaphyllia will not get along in a Garden. Further research into the taxonomy of these corals will most likely lead to more reclassifications.

Paradivisa or Frogspawn is one of the easier to keep Fimbriaphyllia. They grow in a branching formation and enjoy medium flow with low to medium light. They also enjoy being fed. While not necessary for their survival, they will readily pull food from the water column. Just be careful to not overfeed them, as polluting the water will have a much larger negative impact on their health than the positive gains from feeding them.

 Difficulty  Medium
 Lighting  Low-Medium
 Water Flow  Medium
 Temperament  Aggressive
 Placement  Low-Mid