Spurred Turban Snail

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Astralium calcar

The Spurred Turban Snail is an uncommon turban snail and is usually found on coral reefs and reef flats. The shell is marked by a spiral row of blunt spines along the whorls and is usually covered with encrusting organisms, such as red coralline algae.

This hardy snail does well in an established aquarium with ample places to hide. The aquarium should ideally have a large area for grazing and live rock. Since the Spurred Turban Snail uses calcium to build its shell, an adequate calcium level must be maintained. It is very sensitive to any level of copper-based medications and prefers a low nitrate level.

The Spurred Turban Snail can spawn in captivity, normally in mature reef aquariums. The Turban Snail will expel their gametes, temporarily making the water cloudy. In a few months, tiny Spurred Turban Snails will be visible on the glass and substrate when the lights have gone off. As they grow the Spurred Turban Snails will venture out into bright light during the day.