Sun Coral

$59.99 CAD

Tubastraea sp.

Sun corals are well-known for their vibrant coloration, ranging from bright orange to deep yellow, and their beautiful, sun-like polyps. Unlike most corals that rely on photosynthesis, sun corals are non-photosynthetic, meaning they do not depend on light to produce energy. Instead, they require regular feeding with zooplankton or similar food sources, making them slightly more challenging to care for.

Aquacultured sun corals offer several advantages over their wild counterparts. They are generally more adaptable to aquarium conditions, often being hardier and more disease-resistant.

However, their care can be somewhat demanding, as they require targeted feedings and proper water flow. The introduction of sun corals into a reef tank can be rewarding for the intermediate to advanced aquarist, adding a unique and stunning visual appeal. 

Difficulty  Expert
 Lighting  NA
 Water Flow  Medium - High
 Temperament  Aggressive
 Placement  Low