Tigriopus Copepods - Live Zooplankton

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Live Tigriopus Copepods

Tigriopus copepods are small, hardy crustaceans commonly used in home aquariums as a highly nutritious live food source for fish, corals, and other marine invertebrates. They also help in maintaining tank cleanliness by consuming detritus, algae, and waste. Our product, "Tigriopus - Live Zooplankton" is a premium bottled culture of Tigriopus copepods, specially cultivated to ensure maximum health and nutritional value.

Rich Nutritional Profile

Each bottle of "Tigriopus - Live Zooplankton" contains a high concentration of essential fatty acids, amino acids, and vitamins, making them an excellent food source for promoting vibrant colours and healthy growth in marine life.

Easy to Use

Our ready-to-use liquid formula allows for easy pouring directly into your aquarium. Acclimate the bottle to your tank's water conditions. Release the copepods into your tank or refugium. It's best to do this at night when fish are less active. Initially, you may need to provide additional food for the copepods, like live phytoplankton.


The Tigriopus copepods are sustainably bred in our Edmonton Based Coral Farm. We breed them by feeding them our "Tetraselmis - Live phytoplankton".

High Survival Rate

These hardy organisms have a high survival rate in marine aquariums, ensuring a long-lasting and cost-effective food source.

Suitable for a Variety of Marine Life

Ideal for feeding finicky eaters like seahorses, mandarins, and other small reef fishes, as well as corals and other filter feeders.

Convenient Storage

The product comes in a resealable bottle that can be stored in your refrigerator for extended shelf life. Oxygenate the bottle daily, until the copepods are added to the tank.

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      Love the new label and can't wait till the lights go out so I can add them to my reef tank!