Titanium Heater Element

$87.99 CAD

Heater Wattage

A Reliable Long-Term Heating Element!

We have been on the hunt for a reliable heating element that solves a lot of the issues we currently have with other heaters in the hobby. We have always had issues with heaters that have built-in controllers and segregating the controller out from the heater allows it to do a single job, keep your tank warm. Each heater is fully submersible and lets you place the heater right where you need it without any compromises. 

  • Shatterproof
  • Fully Submersible
  • Includes Suction Cup Mounts
  • Corrosion Resistant Titanium Body
  • 6-Foot Power Cord
  • 3-Year BRS Warranty

Four Sizes Available:

  • 100W - up to 40 Gallon Aquariums
  • 200W - up to 75 Gallon Aquariums
  • 300W - up to 100 Gallon Aquariums
  • 600W - up to 200 Gallon Aquariums

Why Titanium?

Compared to glass heaters, titanium heaters are virtually unbreakable and will never shatter in your aquarium and can conduct heat through the body much quicker, ultimately making them more efficient. In most cases when a glass heater fails, the failure-prone seals will go bad allowing water into the heater body and can start to corrode the contents inside the heater causing water contamination and possible electric shock, or the body will just shatter leaving glass particles throughout your aquarium. Titanium heating elements take both of those risks and eliminate them by having a shatterproof body along with welded end caps for a life-time of operation. 

How to Control the Temperature?

A heater is only as good as the controller telling it when to turn on and off. The BRS Titanium Heater Elements require a temperature controller to monitor your tank's temperature, and power the heaters on and off as needed. We really like to use the Ink Bird WiFi Aquarium Heater Controller to create a stand-alone heater management system, but works great with full-blown aquarium controllers like the Neptune Systems Apex Controller. 

Heater Wattage Power Consumption Length/Diameter Suggested Tank Size Power Cord Length
100W 0.83A @ 120VAC 10.25" / 1" up to 40 Gallons 72"
200W 1.6A @ 120VAC 10.25" / 1" up to 75 Gallons 72"
300W 2.5A @ 120VAC 10.25" / 1" up to 100 Gallons 72"
600W 5A @ 120VAC 14.0" / 1" up to 200 Gallons 72"

What's Included?

1x Bulk Reef Supply Titanium Heater Element

1x BRS Heater Suction Cup Mounting Kit

3-Year Warranty

Note - This is only the heating element and does require a controller to operate. 

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