Vargas Cespitularia


New Dawn Aquaculture

Cespitularia erecta

Cespitularia Leathers are fast growing, peaceful and easy to keep leather corals that are a great choice for new hobbyists. Some species will release toxins into the water, which can be harmful to stony corals. If you are running a mixed reef we recommend using chemical filtration like activated carbon to help remove the toxins from the water.

Our recommendation is to keep this coral in medium to high light and flow. While these corals will survive and grow in low light and flow conditions, that isn’t ideal for them. We observe brighter colouration and longer polyp extension the more light and flow we provide them. In the wild these corals tend to be in very turbulent and shallow reefs so it makes sense that they would be happiest in these conditions.

This is the hardiest variety of Cespitularia we’ve seen and it will thrive in a variety of aquarium conditions. The Vargas Cespitularia colony spreads across substrate by sending out a stolon and stalks remain interconnected by a thin strand of tissue, this “runner” appearance is unique when compared to the other Cespitularia varieties we grow.

 Difficulty  Low
 Lighting  Low - High Light
 Water Flow  Low - High Flow
 Temperament  Peaceful
 Placement  Bottom - Top