We're now offering Brightwell Aquatics! They offer a wide range of high-end additives, foods, coral dips, and much more! We've been using their products to grow our corals since we started and we're pleased to finally be able to offer them to our customers! 

The products that we use on a daily basis at New Dawn Aquaculture are CoralAmino, Zooplanktos-L, FragRecover, Lugol's, and Potassion.

Frag Recover is used every time we make new frags, it's a great dip for ensuring your newly cut frags don't get bacterial infections.

Zooplanktos-L is fed to our juvenile fish. With captive-bred fish, it's not uncommon to get fish so small that they can't fit pellets or mysis that this hobby regularly feeds in their mouths. This is when we use Zooplanktos-L, all of our smaller fish go crazy for this once it hits the water.

CoralAmino, Lugol's, and Potassion are all on dosing pumps. Since we started dosing amino acids the growth rates and colouration of our corals have noticeably changed for the better. Iodine and Potassium are two trace elements that we really struggled to keep at optimal levels in our coral farm. Dosing Lugol's and Potassion were the solution to those problems and our corals have benefited greatly from them.

Many others are used for bi-weekly coral feedings like PhytoGold, PhytoGreen, and Reef Snow. We also use their liquid trace elements to keep our levels of Strontium, Boron, Iron up when we see them getting low.

We will be adding more Brightwell Aquatics products to the store so stay on the lookout for them.

September 17, 2021 — Mitchell Ballou