Neptune's SKY lights are now available for pre-sale! These lights will be released on August 2nd. Limited quantities are available, so grab them while you can!

Any SKY lights or SKY accessories sold during the presale will not ship until the Neptune SKY lights are released.

SKY - LED Aquarium Light

Diffused light just like what illuminates planet Earth. . .

The earth is illuminated by the sun, but not as a single point of light like a light bulb. If it were, there would be harsh shadows and the reefs as we know them would likely not exist. Instead, our planet is really illuminated by our atmosphere, the sky, as a filter and diffuser of the sun’s rays. This results in a homogeneous, bathing of light from all directions. The SKY brings to your aquarium that blanket of natural and life-sustaining light that nourishes earth’s coral reefs.

. . .but with the “look” reefers desire

While a few prefer the natural look the sun and sky provide on natural reefs, most tend to appreciate a more blue-purple light in various degrees. But the desired aesthetic is not universal. So the SKY delivers both. It can be easily tuned to the unique “look” that individual reef-keepers desire, without sacrificing the quality of the life-giving light the corals and other animals need.

SKY - Hanging Kit

The Neptune Systems sleek black Hanging Kit matches the aesthetics of the SKY LED, and utilizes the universal four-point mounting system to suspend your SKY light at virtually any height above your aquarium. This gives you greater freedom in mounting your light to get the optimal balance of spread and intensity. Using a hanging kit keeps the area above your aquarium clean and open so you can work easily in the aquarium when needed, and the hanging wires have an extremely low visual impact on your setup. 

SKY - Diffused Shimz

SKY Diffused Shimz allow for on-the-fly tweaks to the shimmer produced by your SKY light without the need for any programming or adjustments to light settings. Out of the box, the SKY has four openings in the diffuser where white LEDs can shine through undiffused. With typical surface water turbulence, this provides a gentle shimmer that most aquarists will find to be a good balance, but if you find this to be too much, Neptune Systems created an option for customizing the shimmer by changing out the clear covers for diffused covers. The Diffused Shimz inserts simply pop in and out of the four white LED sections of the diffuser panel in seconds and you can visualize the changes immediately. 


July 26, 2021 — Mitchell Ballou
Tags: Neptune Sky