We have recently received a small group of captive-bred Yellow Tangs from Biota. A big issue that we face when it comes to selling only captive-bred fish is the variety of fish available. Many people in this hobby would be more than happy to only buy aquacultured animals for their aquariums. However, often the selection is so limited that they are forced to look at wild options. This is a problem that is slowly going away, and the introduction of commercially available captive-bred Yellow Tangs is a massive leap towards making this hobby 100% aquacultured.

As with all captive-bred fish, these tangs come to us small but grow quickly! With how regulated the collection of wild Yellow Tangs has been, these fish were never collected at this size. So it's very interesting to see the differences in appearance when compared to the larger wild Yellow Tangs that are usually collected. Most of these tangs are translucent and slowly turn to their bright yellow colouration that we're familiar with as they grow larger.

New fish species are constantly being worked on and we hear exciting news all the time of fish species that have just been bred for the first time. So when it comes to captive-bred tangs we're confident that these Yellow Tangs are just the first of many that we'll be able to offer the Canadian market.

July 30, 2021 — Mitchell Ballou