We launched New Dawn Aquaculture in 2019 offering a small collection of aquacultured corals to the Canadian market. Thanks to all of our amazing supporters across Canada, we've grown a lot since then. When I initially designed our first website I was designing it for the business we were at that time. It worked well, but as we grew it became more apparent to me that it wasn't an ideal website for the business that we're growing into.

It lacked a proper home for dry goods and captive-bred fish, but most importantly, there was no good place to incorporate media content. This is the main reason for this change. Going forward, we're dedicated to providing high-quality blog and video media content for the reef aquarium hobby. 

You can expect to see weekly blog posts about anything reef aquarium related, as well as monthly YouTube video content. So look forward to our first video coming out soon! 

July 23, 2021 — Mitchell Ballou