Storefront Updates

We're working hard getting the storefront ready for the grand opening!
Between moving aquariums, fish and coral. Getting the shelves stocked with products old and new. Running between both locations to find products for orders shipping out, it's been busy here at New Dawn Aquaculture. Thankfully, it's starting to all come together!

Stocking Our Shelves

We've stocked and restocked these shelves over and over trying to come up with a presentation that we're happy with. I think we're finally landing on a look and presentation that works, but I also wouldn't be surprised if we end up changing it all again by June 1st!

Fridge and Freezer

Our freezer is full of frozen food!
Given the short shelf life on Phyto and Copepods we're waiting until just before the grand opening to bring those in and stock the fridge. Expect an announcement from us soon for when they're available.

The Ugly Stage

All of our new systems in the storefront seem to be entering their ugly stage now. Using MicroBacter and pre cycled media from the farm we've done what we can to jump-start the cycle on all of these new systems, but even with that we knew we couldn't completely avoid the ugly stage.
The water has been cloudy for 4 days now due to a bacteria bloom, today is the first day that it seems to be passing.
We'll also be installing UV sterilizers on these systems soon to ensure the water is crystal clear by June 1st!

Stay tuned, next week we'll have more updates for you!

May 05, 2023 — Mitchell Ballou
Tags: Storefront

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