Changes To Shipping

We've updated the way shipping is calculated at checkout. This is an update that will lead to both lower prices for some customers and higher prices for others. On average the shipping prices should be similar to the flat rates we were charging before.

Shipping is now calculated at checkout and is calculated based on your location and the weight of the overall order. This system will also directly pass along our FedEx volume discount rates to our customers.


Ordering Dry Goods and Livestock

The main reason why we changed our shipping model to a weight based model is it now allows for orders of Dry Goods and Livestock to be more seamlessly ordered together. All Dry Goods ship for free when the order is over $100, and all livestock ships for free when the order is over $300.

When placing a combined order of Dry Goods and Livestock you will not be charged the Dry Goods shipping fee if the order total is over $100. Combined orders of Dry Goods and Livestock under $100 will be charged both a Dry Goods and a Livestock shipping fee.

Depending on what is ordered, Dry Goods and Livestock may be shipped together or separately.

June 06, 2021 — Mitchell Ballou
Tags: Shipping