Aquarium Controller Board Shelf Accessory

$74.99 CAD


Expand your mounting options with the Shelf Accessory for the Adaptive Reef Aquarium Controller board.

Not all aquarium equipment lends itself to mounting directly to a control board. Some equipment, such as the GHL KH Director or Doser 2.1 pumps work best on a shelf. This shelf is compatible with both the Basic and Deluxe Aquarium Controller Boards and provides ample space for additive containers or other specialty aquarium equipment. 

The Shelf Accessory mounts easily into the front cutouts using the two outer slots and both the Basic and Deluxe boards will accept up to three shelves. 


Shelf Dimensions: 13"L x 8"W

Shelf Thickness: 1.75"


What's Included?

  • Controller Board Shelf
  • Accessory Hardware for mounting