Faceplates for Controller Cabinet

$59.99 CAD

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The Adaptive Reef Faceplates provide a clean and professional installation of your equipment, giving your Controller Cabinet a high-end, custom look, while also providing spaces for optimal wire management. The custom faceplates can really add that extra touch of customization to your Apex, with custom faceplates available for accessories like the Neptune Systems Trident and DOS.

Working seamlessly with the Controller Cabinet, you’ll be able to safely mount power supplies and power strips, and organize your cords so they don’t detract from the beauty of your aquarium. The Controller Cabinet is designed to be placed inside your aquarium stand or beside it as a standalone piece of furniture. The front of the cabinet is attached using rare-earth magnets so you can easily detach it to access the interior.

Available Faceplates

  • DŌS Faceplate - Double Slat
  • Trident Faceplate - Quad Slat
  • Recessed Faceplate - Double Slat

What’s Included?

  • 1x Controller Cabinet Faceplate